Stone veneer is renowned for its ability to elevate the aesthetic appeal of both residential and commercial properties – infusing them with a sense of sophistication and charm. These installations are also advantageous for their ability to increase structural durability and insulation. If you are searching for a stone veneer company serving Hampshire to achieve these qualities and more, look no further. At Black Ribbon Exteriors, we specialize in harnessing the beauty and versatility of stone veneer to transform homes and businesses from Merrimack Valley to the Monadnock Region and everywhere in-between.

Your Vision, Set in Stone

We invite our customers to dream big. From full-scale exterior stone veneers that make an impactful impression on everyone who visits or passes by to intricate interior details like kitchen islands, bathroom vanity backdrops and wine cellar walls for you can appreciate as you go about your day – no project is to large or technically intricate for our skilled professionals. In commercial settings, a few compelling stone veneer concepts include reception desks, art gallery walls and hotel lobbies. You can put your fingerprints on every detail by selecting distinct stone color options and styles, such as flat, rounded and squared.

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Rock Solid Results in Just Three Steps

While each property and project is unique, our proven three step process remains the same.

  • 1
    Preparing the substrate surface for re-facing is our first task. This entails installing a water-proof vapor barrier as well as galvanized diamond wire mesh to the substrate.
  • 2
    As our next course of action, we expertly incorporate and embed a cement-based scratch coat within the wire mesh foundation.
  • 3
    After the scratch coat has been fully cured, a layer of mortar is added. From there, we apply a final color-infused finish coat. This layer is then intricately scored down to the mortar coat and hand-carved, creating the signature stone-like texture that defines your interior or exterior project.

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