Brickfacing is the ultimate upgrade for residential and commercial properties alike. With proper execution, brick facades elevate curb appeal, improve energy performance, enhance durability and reduce necessary maintenance efforts. At New England Brickface & Exteriors, we’ve been helping homeowners and businesses realize these qualities and more by transforming their properties with expert brickface services for over four decades and counting. Consistently delivering flawless results with exceptional value has positioned us as the go-to brickface company throughout Greater Boston, the Central and South Shore areas of Massachusetts as well as Rhode Island, Southern New Hampshire and Southern Maine.

Unlock the Potential of Your Property, One Brick at a Time

When it comes to your home or business, every detail counts. Our team of experienced professionals collaborate with you to design and implement the ultimate brickface solutions for your unique property. Whether you want to drive home the traditional elegance of an older building with historic brick style or create a modern aesthetic with new construction bricks – we have you covered. Want to add a timeless look to just your front gable, chimney, interior wall or other select feature? We are happy to take on those tasks too. You can further personalize your project by selecting the precise pattern, size and color of your bricks. We have over a dozen distinct hues to choose from.

From Concept to Completion: Transformation in Three Steps

Once you’ve settled on a design, we go to work, applying our own innovative techniques and high-quality materials to bring your project to life. Our three-step process is as follows:

  • 1
    We start by carefully preparing the substate surface for re-facing by installing a water-tight vapor barrier and galvanized diamond wire mesh to it.
  • 2
    From there, we securely apply and embed a cement-based scratch coat directly into the wire mesh.
  • 3
    Once the scratch coat is fully cured, we apply a mortar coat, followed by a color infused finish coat. After that, we score the final layer down to the mortar coat in the precise shape and size that you have selected. The final result is a breathtakingly detailed brick-texture finish for your interior or exterior project.

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